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Camp Cedar Point Trivia!

Think you know all there is to know about Camp Cedar Point?  Well, now is the time to put your knowledge to the test?  See how many of these questions about CCP that you can get right.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers.  Good luck!





  1. Who was the first camp director?
  2. Name all of the units established in camp, in order of their appearance.
  3. How did Nonami get its name?
  4. What landmark is placed at the highest elevation of camp?
  5. Camp Cedar Point is in what National Wildlife Refuge?
  6. What was Little Grassy before it was a lake?
  7. How was Sahara Lodge named?
  8. Who was camp director when CCP hit its attendance peak?
  9. How many former home sites can be found on the Echoes of the Past Nature Trail?
  10. What year was the Gazebo built?
  11. Who was this year’s camp director?
  12. How old did you have to be to go to camp in the 1950s?
  13. How many shower houses are there in camp?
  14. Which unit is handicap accessible?
  15. Where was the first dining hall?
  16. What are the words to the Whippoorwill unit song?
  17. What is a whippoorwill?
  18. Who gave Camp Cedar Point its name?
  19. Until 1988, in what type of shelter did campers sleep if they were in Pioneer unit?
  20. How do you get into the One Match club?
  21. Where was the one pay phone in camp found?
  22. Who was the “Corky” in “Corky’s Corner” (the canteen and office building)?
  23. What is the origin of the bell in front of Sahara Lodge?
  24. Who was “Mad Myrtle?”
  25. What two songs end the Thursday night final all-camp campfire?



  1. Mrs. S C Chandler OR Sunny
  2. W and H, RL, Pioneer, TT, Lakefront, Echo Valley
  3. "No Name" unit was originally located next to the lagoon, then moved to present site.  Voted on by seniors in 1989; the choices were Dogwood, Nonami
  4. The flagpole
  5. Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge
  6. Little Grassy Creek
  7. Named for the Sahara Coal Company that donated the money for it
  8. Snoopy
  9. One that we know of - the McGills
  10. 1990 or 1991
  11. Shadow
  12. You had to be a Junior - about 10
  13. Two
  14. Rocky Ledges
  15. Bruce Lodge
  16. Gone to bed is the setting sun.  Night is coming and day is done.  Whippoorwill, whippoorwill, has just begun.
  17. A ground bird
  18. A Girl Scout troop in Herrin
  19. On the ground, in round up or backpack tents
  20. Build a fire with one match and keep it going
  21. In front of Sahara Lodge
  22. Camp Director Fern Drew
  23. A train engine from the Illinois Central Railroad
  24. "Mad Myrtle" was the fictitious ghost of Little Grassy Lake who checked to make sure all campers (in all the camps) were in bed after dark
  25. Green Trees and Taps



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