Corporate Service Center
#4 Ginger Creek Parkway
Glen Carbon, IL 62034
618.692.0692 - 800.345.6858
Fax 618.692.0685
Regional Service Center
4102 S. Water Tower Place
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
618.242.5079 - 800.345.6858
Fax 618.242.5191

Monday – Thursday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Staff Location Key
(GC) Glen Carbon Corporate Service Center
(MV) Mt. Vernon Regional Service Center


Staff Member Loc Position / Title E-mail
Villie M. Appoo (GC) Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Barnes (GC) Volunteer Services Assistant
Micah Bolandis (GC) Director of MVP
Marilyn Border (MV) Receptionist/Shop Assistant
Tricia Briggerman (GC) Membership Development Manager
Carolyn Brooks  (GC) Manager of Business Services
Mary Buchanan (GC) Program Manager (STEM)
Joan Burke (GC) Membership Development Manager
Tamika Coats (GC) Director of Membership
Arthurene Clemon (GC) Membership Development Manager
Jodi Dormire (GC) Membership Development Manager
Laurie Foster (GC) Director of Volunteer Services
Joyce Frisch (MV) Finance Assistant
Toni Goodwin (GC) Manager - Community Development and Outreach
Katie Grayling (MV) Product Program Assistant
Erika Hankins (GC) Outdoor Program Specialist
Amanda Hanway (GC) Development Assistant
Carol Ann Hering (GC) Program/Training/Facilities Registrar
Tricia Higgins (MV) Communications & Marketing Manager
Kelly Jansen (MV) Director of Product Program
Erin Johnson (GC) Communications & Marketing Manager
Amanda Kaemmerer (GC) Volunteer Services Manager
Barbara Kinworthy (GC) Finance Assistant
Tammy Klapetzky (GC) CES Manager
Kim Lee (GC) Membership Development Manager
Paula Maxwell (GC) Program Assistant
Carolyn Miener (GC) Program Mngr (Daisy & Brownie Events/Day Camp)
Emily Miller Kimmey (GC) Director of Development
Mary Mueller (GC) Chief Financial Officer
Linda Quinn (MV) Site Supervisor/Business Services Assistant
Beth Ross (GC) Shop Manager
Marti Ross (GC) Membership Registrar
Bobbi Russell (GC) Executive Assistant
Julie Schloss (GC) HR and Awards Program Manager
Cheryl Seidel (MV) Membership Development Manager
Jessica Sowers (MV) Membership Development Manager
Emily Stanley (GC) Program Manager (STEM/Leadership)
Jonathan Stanley (GC) Director of Property
Jay L. Strobel (GC) Director of Communications & Marketing
Angie Suhre (GC) Director of Program
Anne Townsend (MV) Outdoor Program Manager
Lesa Vaughn (MV) Membership Development Manager
Joy Wholman Boyce (MV) Program Manager, Eastern Region
Vanessa Worthington (MV) Membership Development Manager



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