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Patches and Projects

Want to participate in a community service project or try out one of our many patch programs? You’ve come to the right place! GSSI holds seasonal “Take Action” council community service projects, plus there are patch programs that girls can participate in throughout the year.


“Take Action” Council Community Service Project
Helping Hands Make Happy Hearts
Winter 2018

When older adults and children come together and take part in community activities, there are a multitude of benefits on both the individuals and community level. The possibilities for making intergenerational connections throughout your community are limitless!

Set out with your troop, a parent or another trusted adult or a buddy and take part in 100 acts of random kindness to any person that is not in your age group. This can be helping someone across the street, loading groceries into their car or whatever small action that you think needs to be done. Please make sure to report all acts of kindness to your troop leader, so they can record your good deeds! Or volunteer at least 5 hours of your time to some older adult organization (community center, nursing homes, etc.). Don't forget to bring along an adult or troop leader with you when completing these amazing acts of kindess. It's surprising how these small things will make you and someone else smile as you bring joy into their life. 

In order for your troop to be noted for participating in the Winter 2018 Take Action Progect all Participant and Patch forms must be turned in by March 19, 2018 to council. Each patch will cost $2.00 and will be distributed at your local Service Unit Meeting. 

We'd love to share your photos on our social media platforms! Be sure to include your troop number with your photo!

We have several exciting patch programs for girls to participate in, as well as some Council’s Own badges (Building Bridges, Southern Illinois Explorer and Archaeology in Southern Illinois). To see all available programs, as well as the requirements for each, visit our Forms section.

GSSI has several resource kits available. Troops or individual girls can check out the kits to help complete a badge, as a rainy day activity when at camp or as a service project to work with a younger troop or school group. Kits include almost everything you need to conduct the program; there are a few items that you will need to provide for your troop, and they are listed on the front page of each kit guide. Although some kits are created with one age level in mind, if your troop is interested in a subject that is in another age level, go ahead and check it out – the girls will still have lots of fun!

To check out a kit, contact us to make sure it is available. If possible, the kits can be delivered to you in a service unit meeting. Kits require a $20 deposit and a $5 fee. The deposit is refunded upon kit return and return of the pre and post evaluations (included in kit). Simply fill out the kit reservation form and send it or bring it in with your deposit and fee (separate checks). Kits are available for 2 week checkout windows (time can be extended with notice).