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5.5.1 Cookie Volunteer

Resources for Cookie Program Volunteers

Use these tools, tips and resources to help make this year's Girl Scout Cookie Program the most fun and successful yet!  

Cookie Training Video
2018 Cookie Manual
2018 Family Guide  

Missing Girl Form
2018 Booth Guidelines

Business Gift of Caring Form

Cookie Manual: Finances
Product Program Collection Form

ACH Adjustment Request Form

Contests & Promotions
Cookie Pro 2018
Bears for Cares: Gift of Caring
Power Up Cookie Booth Weekend Contest
Little Brownie Bakers: Sell S'More, Win S'More

Digital Cookie Tips:
Digital Cookie - Completing the Badges
Digital Cookie - Forgot Password or Password Reset
Digital Cookie - Girl Delivery
Digital Cookie - Girl Site Setup - 13 and Over
Digital Cookie - Girl Site Setup - Under 13
Digital Cookie - In Person Delivery Order
Digital Cookie - Mobile App - Cookies In Hand
Digital Cookie - Mobile App - Delivery
Digital Cookie - Shipped Order
Digital Cookie - Troop Dashboard
Digital Cookie - Troop Leader Order Received - Delivery, Ship or Donate
Digital Cookie - Volunteer Login


Girl Scout Cookie Booths

Cookie booths allow girls an opportunity to reach their goals while working together as a team. Troops can use their extra cookies or pick up additional cookies from the cookie cupboard - an area location that stocks cookies to distribute to troops. Troops then set up shop at high-traffic locations in the community, such as stores, places of worship, sporting events, gas stations, etc. A Girl Scout Cookie Booth is the girls’ very own storefront for their business!

How do troops order booth cookies?
It's easy!  Just follow these steps:

1. Log into eBudde
2. Go to the transaction tab
3. Click Add a Transaction
4. In the Pickup box, choose a date and time. 
5. In the 2nd party box, Cupboard needs to be selected.  In the next box, choose the cupboard in which you plan on picking up your cookies.
6. Enter your troop order.  Make sure you put your order as full cases.
7. Click Save/Print.  Please take this receipt with you when you pick up your cookies.

Other Cookie Booth Resources:
2018 Cookie Booth Guidelines
2018 Cookie Manual - Booth Section Only
Little Brownie Bakers' Cookie Booth Resources

Digital Cookie App: Cookies-In-Hand Guide