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C.I.T. at Girl's Week at Camp Ondessonk

Sun Jul 08, 1:00 PM - Sat Jul 14, 9:30 AM
Camp Ondessonk Map
Camping & Outdoors
Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Girl's must be 16-17 years old at time of camp.

Do you think being a camp counselor would be the bees knees? The CIT (Counselor in Training) Program is an opportunity for older girls to start their leadership journey. At camp, they will participate in various camp activities while learning about becoming leaders, different leadership styles, and camper dynamics. CITs participate in unit stays with younger campers, shadowing different staff members in their camp roles, and have opportunities to talk with camp administrators about what it takes to run a camp and work in the outdoor profession.  Girls must take CIT training before coming to camp to get the second portion of their training (these trainings can be found at throughout the year). CIT 1 (for girls entering 10th and 11th grades) CIT 2 (for girls entering 11th and 12th grades).


Registrations for Camp Ondessonk (paperwork and deposit) are due June 1, 2018.

Final payment is due June 25, 2018.


Other forms to be filled out:

  1. Bunk1:
  2. Bus Transportation Registration:
  3. Camper Agreement:
  4. Facility Map:
  5. Packing List:
  6. Parent/Camper Handbook:
  7. Parent/Camper Primer:
  8. Parent Pick-Up Form: