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Girls vs. Wild

Sun Jul 29, 2:30 PM - Sat Aug 04, 10:00 AM
Touch of Nature Environmental Center Map
Camping & Outdoors
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

This program is for girls entering 6th-12th grade in September 2018

Are you a W.I.L.D. woman? This is your chance to show off your skills or gain new ones. Touch of Nature is a great place to try new thigs and set forth on an expedition that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Girls will come to camp and get a crash course in camping and Leave No Trace to gain important skills that will set them up for success in the outdoors. During the week we will load up our canoes, paddle across the lake on an adventure to Giant City for an overnight and go rock climbing on natural sandstone bluffs. Don’t worry thought! There will still be plenty of time to swim in the lake, go cliff jumping or make some arts and crafts. Come take part in this wild and adventurous week of camp!  


Registration paperwork for Touch of Nature is due July 2, 2018. 

Final payment is due July 2, 2018.

Other forms need to be filled out:

  1. Camper Agreement:
  2. Camper Checklist:
  3. Camper Handbook:
  4. Camper Information Form:
  5. Camp Map:
  6. Equipment List:
  7. Parent Pick-Up Form:
  8. Resident Camp Campership Application: