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Livin' Like Big Foot

Wed Jul 25, 1:30 PM - Sat Jul 28, 10:00 AM
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Camping & Outdoors
Girl Fee:

This camp is for girls entering 2nd or 3rd grade in September 2018

Three Night Camp for Brownies. Come get a taste of what resident camp is like!

Have you ever gone out into the woods and felt like you were not alone? Well maybe that is because Bigfoot has been in the area. You would never know because he is so good at leaving no trace. During camp you will learn the ways of Bigfoot and how to be untraceable in the great outdoors. When you are not swimming, cooking over the fire or discovering the wonders of will go Bigfoot hunting! 


Registration paperwork for Touch of Nature is due July 2, 2018. 

Final payment is due July 2, 2018.


Other forms need to be filled out:

  1. Camper Agreement:
  2. Camper Checklist:
  3. Camper Handbook:
  4. Camper Information Form:
  5. Camp Map:
  6. Equipment List:
  7. Parent Pick-Up Form:
  8. Resident Camp Campership Application: