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Give the Gift of the Great Outdoors

Providing opportunities for girls to grow and to become leaders is the heart of our mission at the Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois. Positively impacting the life of EVERY GIRL who travels the Girl Scout path is a top priority for our organization. Empowering EVERY GIRL to make a difference is what you make possible.

Meet Kaitlyn and Delaney: two Girl Scouts whose paths crossed to make a life-long impact on both girls, their families and communities.

Outdoor learning and camping are a tradition for Girl Scouts. In pursuit of her Gold Award, Kaitlyn completed a project which helps make camp accessible to all girls. She added a sidewalk to connect Camp Torqua’s lodge to the restrooms, constructed a threshold for the restroom area, and installed a concrete ramp to the campfire ring. Gold Award Projects such as Kaitlyn’s elevate every community, every family, and EVERY GIRL.

“My daughter has been involved in Girl Scouts since kindergarten. Most of her amazing experiences have occurred at camp - troop camping, family camping, day camp, and resident camp. These experiences have allowed her to grow as a person and as a leader,”
says Melissa, Kaitlyn’s mother, “In Kaitlyn’s mind, the idea that a young girl would not be able to experience everything that camp has to offer was unimaginable.”

Kaitlyn’s project has reached far beyond her own Girl Scout experience. Delaney is a 12-year-old Girl Scout who has cri-du-chat syndrome; a rare genetic condition caused by a deletion of her fifth chromosome.  In the words of Michelle, Delaney’s mother, “It basically has made everything in her body small except for her personality. Delaney loves camp, even though some activities are difficult for her. This year, camp was a little more accessible thanks to the concrete ramps put in place through Kaitlyn’s project.”

“I love that Girl Scouts really does include all girls,”
says Michelle, “This is the only camp where I can send all of my girls together and they absolutely love it. It amazes me each year how the girls always include Delaney and even cheer her on when things are hard for her. I am also moved when I see the other scouts learn about diversity and acceptance.”

This is what you make possible!  Did you know that donors made it possible for Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois to develop leadership programs for 12,400 girls in 40 counties last year? Did you know that your donations allow us to provide nearly $117,000 in financial assistance to empower underserved girls? We live our mission every day at Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois. Today we invite you to continue this journey with us, or to join us on this path for the very first time.

Please join us in supporting Project Outdoors today!