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Customer Engagement Initiative at GSSI

Imagine a world where girls and volunteers join Girl Scouts with ease. New volunteers are recruited and complete the process to become a leader in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Volunteers receive the support they need when they need it. And, girl and volunteer retention is on the rise.

Through implementation of CEI, including significant process improvements, staffing alignment and training, and technology tools, Girl Scouts is improving volunteers’, parents’ and girls’ experiences, making it easier and less time consuming for volunteers to effectively complete tasks. For the first time, Girl Scouts is investing in shared tools and technology that will empower us to dramatically improve the Volunteer and Girl Experience. From joining and getting oriented, to managing a troop and renewing membership – being a volunteer will be easier, more manageable and more enjoyable. This results in an enhanced Girl Experience.

The ultimate goal of CEI is to provide girls with exciting, meaningful and impactful experiences and to ensure every girl who wants to participate in Girl Scouting, can do so, with a caring adult to support her.

Three key technology tools support the initiative – Volunteer Systems fueled by Salesforce, the Volunteer Toolkit, and a new Web Platform.

Volunteer Systems
A best-in-class membership and customer care database that is fueled by Salesforce, which also includes the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a digital marketing tool to help communicate with volunteers and parents. Volunteer Systems will roll out in August 2017.

Web Platform
Launched in April 2017, GSSI's new Web Platform offers upgraded functions and improved data security. You can still find our website at, but with some updates and new features. You will notice that our new website looks very similar to other Girl Scout websites across the nation, for a uniform brand experience. It is also the gateway for the NEW Volunteer Toolkit, which is coming soon.

Girl Scouts' Volunteer Toolkit (or VTK): helps volunteers access the information and resources they need through their personal computers or mobile devices, and stay better connected to troop leaders and parents. It makes forming and maintaining a troop easier than ever before, which means more time spent on girls and less on administrative tasks. Volunteers can plan out a whole year of impactful activities to ensure their girls receive the best Girl Scout experience possible.

The Volunteer Toolkit will offer sample K-5 badge-based year plans, K-5 journey-based year plans and help making meeting plans. It focuses on the pillars of our program where we know girls benefit most, especially in a girl-only environment: the outdoors; STEM; life skills and entrepreneurship. While VTK attends to the needs of K-5 troop leaders, parents and girls to start, Girl Scouts plans to expand the reach to girls and adults participating in delivery models beyond the troop, and to middle and high school girls.

The Volunteer Toolkit will be available through our website,, after the Volunteer Systems and new Web Platform are in place.