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GSSI Makes Updates at Camp Properties

Property Updates

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois has been making updates to our camp properties! So far this fall, the following improvements have been completed:

Camp Butterfly:
Cabins stained.
Shower house interiors painted.

Camp Torqua:
New roofs installed at Pumpkin Patch lodge and cabins.
New roofs installed at Lakota Cove and brick shed.
Rear wall on lodge rebuilt, including new glass in back doors.
Corners on Pumpkin Patch cabins rebuilt.
New benches added to Pumpkin Patch deck.
New sidewalk and firepit added to Pumpkin Patch
Parking Lot expanded at Pumpkin Patch/Lakota Cove area of camp.
Front and back doors replaced at Tuckaway and Lisetta units.
New LED security light added to front and back of Tuckaway unit.
New faucet installed at Tuckaway.

Firepit rennovations at Camp Torqua.

See more photos of GSSI camp property updates

These projects are planned to be completed:  

Camp Butterfly:
Refurbish sailboats. Projected Summer 2018
Purchase and install new commercial refrigerator in commissary. Projected January 2018
Refurbish interior and exterior of caboose units. Projected Summer 2018

Camp Torqua:

Install new HVAC system at ranger house. Projected December 2017
Install new flooring at Pumpkin Patch. Projected Spring 2018
Update kitchen and bathroom at Lisetta. Projected Summer 2018

Camp Wassatoga:
Replace lodge flooring. Projected December 2017
Stain deck. Projected Spring 2018
Stain platform tents. Projected Spring 2018

GSSI currently operates four camp properties: Camp Butterfly in Farmington, MO, Camp Chan Ya Ta in Worden, IL, Camp Torqua in Edwardsville, IL, Camp Wassatoga in Effingham, IL. Camps are used to host programs, as well as for Girl Scout and outside group camping.

If you are interested in volunteering to help make camp updates or to make a donation to help support GSSI's camp properties, please contact us at 800.345.6858 or email