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Meet GSSI Customer Care

GSSI Customer Care Web

You may have noticed there's a new team at GSSI responding to your e-mails and phone calls: Customer Care.

What is Customer Care?
It's a new department of GSSI staff that is equipped with the tools and information necessary to help answer most questions and resolve most issues on your first contact with the council office.

Need help navigating the registration system or have a question about an upcoming program? Customer Care is there for you. Looking to place an order with the shop or reserve a camp? Customer Care can help. Customer Care can even walk you through opening and closing a troop checking account, renting a van or taking out non-member insurance.

Parents - Customer Care has your needs covered too! They can help renew your daughter's registration, transfer to a new troop, or answer questions about her product program or an upcoming program she's attending.

In the rare case that Customer Care is not able to assist you, then you will be quickly forwarded to the staff person who is an expert in that area.

You can reach Customer Care at 800.345.6858 or