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Illinois Nominates GSofSI Projects for Governor's Hometown Awards

Governors Hometown Awards 2018

The Governor’s Hometown Award​s (GHTA) program gives formal recognition to those who contributed to projects that improved their community’s quality of life. These projects are sponsored by local units of government t​​hat have strong volunteer support, meet a need, and make a definitive impact. Below are the five GSofSI projects selected to move on as finalists. The state of Illinois will make their final selection in November. Good luck girls!!

Project Name: Growing with the Garden
Project Creator: Makenzie Keiser, Troop 1011
Project Description: For her Girl Scout Gold Award, Makenzie helped teach area children how to grow vegetable gardens with the YMCA Early Childhood Development Center in Edwardsville. After working with staff to design and build three raised bed gardens at the facility’s children’s playground, she taught students about the importance of vegetables and how they are cultivated. Makenzie helped the students start growing seeds indoors and how to transplant them to the garden. Finally she assisted the children with harvesting and tasting their produce.

Project Name: Beautification of Triad Middle School Student Courtyard
Project Creator: Katharine Housewright, Troop 958
Project Description: For her Girl Scout Gold Award, Katharine made improvements to the school courtyard which was built in the 1960's and had not seen many updates. She started by painting a map of the United States and the Preamble to the Constitution in vivid colors and updated bike racks with colorful, protective enamel. She researched and used paints that would last close to a decade for a more lasting impact. Katherine encouraged others to act alongside her by sharing her progress on social media and sending out press releases to local newspapers.

Project Name: Carnival for Lighthouse Shelter
Project Creator: Olivia Allen, Micahya Banks, Hailey Buckingham, Carlie Gunn, and Kaitlyn Satterfield, Troop 8893
Project Description: For their Girl Scout Silver Award, Troop 8893 hosted a fall festival carnival for younger children to support the Lighthouse Shelter in Marion, Illinois. The Lighthouse Shelter is a homeless shelter in Marion. During the spring of 2017, the Lighthouse Shelter suffered from flooding. The Girl Scout Troop #8893 had attendees to the festival brought items to donate to the Lighthouse Shelter.

Project Name: Nomenclature for Nature
Project Creator: Victoria Birchem, Troop 915
Project Description: For her Girl Scout Gold Award, Victoria worked with the O'Fallon Garden Club, its president and board, to create a catalog/database of the community garden’s plants and species. After the new plant species labels were installed, Victoria helped coordinate public garden tours and organized a program for local Girl Scout troops to tour and learn more about the O'Fallon Community Garden. These updates provided the O’Fallon Community Garden with new learning opportunities for the community and visitors to the garden.

Project Name: Royalton Community Garden
Project Creator: Jacquelyn Walter & Cera Wilson, Troop 8018
Project Description: Jacquelyn and Cera were approached by Royalton Mayor, Christy Powers, to start a project that the youth in their community could take part in. For their Girl Scout Silver Award, Jacquelyn and Cera enlisted local youth and planned, planted, and maintained a community garden. After long hours of maintenance and harvesting, the youth of the community sold the produce to the people of Royalton. The proceeds from the produce sales were then given back to the town.