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Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week from Loretta Graham


Each year we are fortunate as a council to come in contact with, and work with some of the most creative, caring, and giving individuals around.

We honor the people whose diligent efforts help to create the spirit of being a Girl Scout.  Those people are our volunteers.  National Volunteer Week, which is this week, is the fitting time to honor all of our volunteers for the important contributions they make to Girl Scout’s success.  Former President Ronald Reagan once said that “no matter how big government gets, and no matter how many services it provides; it can never take the place of volunteers.”

Juliette Gordon Lowe formed Girl scouts as a growing, evolving program responsive to the needs of girls: where in partnership with committed adults, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives.  You have seen examples of that development in The Girl Scouts of Southern ILL.

Girl Scouts was formed as the world’s largest volunteer based program for girls.  Juliette Gordon Lowe knew volunteers would be the “ordinary people who make extraordinary contributions”.  Your selflessness, your vision your dedication, your skills and unique experience has and will continue to be the glue of the Girl Scout movement. This week we applaud those volunteers in particular who have shined brilliantly throughout the year.  Your tireless effort in support of the Girl Scout mission is evident in many ways, but mostly in the time and care they impart to make Girl Scouts important and fulfilling to many girls and other adults.  The contributions to Girl Scouting and the work that you do stands apart from your peers and deserves to be recognized and honored.