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It's a Winter Recruitment Blitz

Are you ready for this?!  



GSofSI's Recruitment Team is hosting a Winter Recruitment Blitz from now until the end of December and WE NEED YOUR HELP! As we prep for cookie season, we know that girls will be jumping for a chance to join! Why not form their new troops now and have them ready for success this cookie reason? We plan to arm you with Invite-a-Friend cards (see your council recruiter) and some healthy competition. Each SU that recruits (5) or more new girls will be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 2 GSofSI recruitment banners! These 6’ banners will be a welcomed addition for your fall recruitment next year! In addition, the top 3 SUs who recruit the most girls will earn a $100 shopping spree to our GSofSI shop! This gift card can be used with our new Mobile Shop as well.

To qualify for these rewards, ALL paper registrations MUST be in the GSofSI office before December 19 and all girls registering online MUST be registered by December 31.