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On My Honor, I Will Try to Serve God and My Country

2018 Fourth of July News Header

A special message from GSSI CEO, Loretta Graham:

The 4th of July is a meaningful holiday honoring our great nation.  Our nation declared its independence in order for us to live free in America—not just today but every day.  When General Washington led his troops, he avoided large-scale confrontations that played to the British strengths and began a new strategy.  He said, “We should on all occasions avoid a general action or put anything to risk unless compelled by a necessity into which we ought never to be drawn.”  He did something different and replaced the traditional methods of battle and it worked.  He won. We won. And the “United Colonies of America” became “Free and Independent States.”  The United States of American was born.

The 4th of July is truly our Independence Day and we must each seize this moment as a re-dedication of service to our country.

Today we fight a different kind of battle that is also a danger to our country and our youth.  In this war the enemy is present but hidden. The war against inequality, exclusion, bullying, and the increasing opposition to the need for every American voice to be heard.  We must do as Washington did and re-write the battle plans in order to create new ways to combat these problems.

Forming new strategies when approaching societal concerns will give us the ability to build up our youth sooner rather than later, because quick response matters in this fast-paced society.  We must respond now in order to rise above future conflicts. Our courage will form the foundation for the courage of future generations. Our determination to win, which lies at the very root of this country mettle, and is inspired by the confidence displayed by Washington so long ago, will raise us up to overcome odds; odds which without further investigation may appear insurmountable.

The American colonies became the United States of America because of our determination and commitment to our dreams.  Our desire for a great America and for achieving individual freedom is not a concept to be discussed. We must live our desire and embrace our freedom—freedom of speech, freedom of self-expression, freedom of thought as THE American model for all of the world to know.

American men and women in uniform serve all over the world to support the freedoms we were awarded through those early accomplishments of the American Revolution and George Washington. Today, many of them will spend the 4th of July away from their families and friends so we can celebrate with ours.  Thank you to EACH AND EVERY ONE of our men and women in uniform for your dedication to this great country.  Your service inspires me to serve; especially our Girls and our mission.

We must remember the lessons of the past and let these lessons lead us into a bright independent future, as American Citizens. Read the Declaration. Read the words of George Washington this holiday,. Imagine him standing on that battlefield back in 1776 awaiting word that our independence shall be worth fighting for, and be inspired NOW to continue the fight for liberty. In the words of our first president, “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

Happy 4th of July to all of you. May this holiday fill you with independence and gratitude for those who have fought to win it.

-Loretta Graham