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September Townhall Meeting Wrap-Up


A letter from Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois CEO, Loretta Graham, following the Townhall meetings scheduled during the week of September 24.

"First, thank you SO much for your insights at our meetings last week. You provided constructive information to the Council for the coming year.

The purpose was to assess the effectiveness of the council over the last 6 months in meeting the objectives toward achieving the council goals.

I really appreciated your participation.  As a result, we will continue ongoing information and education efforts to distinguish between policy and operational concerns. We will also enhance delegate education and training and work on creating training webinars and videos to cover basic democratic process and delegate responsibilities.  We will continue to use our newsletters and websites to inform, educate and involve you.

All in all, we have good evidence that the council is progressing nicely toward meeting your needs and we have good information to move ahead with our future plans.

With a growing and enthusiastic membership with and an ever-increasing presence in the communities, we will continue to improve our communication efforts.

Now it’s time to go to the next level.  Although opportunities for improvement always exist, priorities would emphasize the following areas: assess our properties to reflect a more formal structure to support our girls well as develop girl and adult knowledge and skills pertaining to the outdoors and STEM, retaining girls longer through innovative programs and role model enhancements, and develop more giving opportunities through fundraising efforts as well as increase financial contributions from the public in general.

Again thank you for your input and continued support.  Remember, one can make a difference but together we change the world.  UNITED WE LEAD!!"