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2019 Nut, Candy & Magazine Product Program: How Does a Girl Benefit From Participating?

2019 Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois Nut, Candy & Magazines Program

Why Participate in GSofSI’s fall Nut, Candy & Magazine Program?
Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois’ Nut, Candy & Magazine (NCM) Program gives girls the opportunity to kickstart their troop’s funds while earning rewards and building skills that last a lifetime!  Go to NCM Family Guide

Earn Funds For Troop Fun!
Troops earn 15% of their total profits (or 17% for Cadette-Ambassador troops who opt-out of rewards), which helps support activities like attending leadership-building programs, earning badges, going camping, taking field trips and buying troop meeting supplies. Not to mention, 100% of profits stay right here in Southern Illinois to help provide exciting programs for girls to attend, training for adult volunteers, camp maintenance and financial assistance so any girl who wants to be a Girl Scout has the opportunity.

Get Cool Rewards:
Along with raising funds for their troop, girls can also earn patches and a variety of exciting rewards like these:





See All 2019 NCM Rewards

Build Skills That Last a Lifetime:

By participating in Girl Scout Product Programs, girls also learn these five key life skills:

Goal Setting: Girls set goals individually and with their troop, then they create a plan to reach them!

Decision Making: Girls help decide how the troop will spend their money using critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Money Management: As girls are responsible for taking orders and handling customers’ money, they gain valuable and practical life skills around financial literacy.

People Skills: Girls will learn how to talk, listen, and work with all kinds of people while selling nuts, candies, and magazines.

Business Ethics: Being responsible and honest throughout the sale will help reinforce positive values that girls will use in all aspects of life.

These skills are linked to a lifetime of leadership and success, and will help girls build confidence to achieve future goals!

Get started today by checking our NCM Program Family Guide 


What Real Girl Scout Supersellers Had to Say:

Katy N:
“I’ve learned how to communicate with my neighbors and friends by going door to door. I love going door to door to and asking people to buy candy and nuts.”

Paesyn W:
“I love being part of a group and doing fun things with my friends. I also enjoy making new friends.”

Alvina F:
“I went door to door selling nuts and candy and learned how to ask politely and always say thank you even if they say no.”

Allison W:
“The Nut, Candy, and Magazine program gives you the opportunity to get to know your neighbors and community. The program has taught me how to get out and talk to new people.”