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Amanda Aaron From Belleville Designated Gold Award Girl Scout

Gold Award Girl Scout Amanda Aaron From Belleville

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois congratulates Amanda Aaron from Belleville for becoming a Gold Award Girl Scout, a designation she earned by volunteering to help streamline processes and organize promotions at the First Christian Church food pantry.

“I’ve volunteered in the past at the food pantry and noticed that they had no rotation for stocked food,” she said. “I asked if they would like some help and they loved the idea.”

The Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable—earned by a high school Girl Scout who works to address an issue she’s passionate about in a way that produces meaningful and lasting change. Whether it’s on a local, national, or global level, Gold Award Girl Scouts provide innovative solutions to significant challenges.

First, Amanda collaborated with food pantry staff to revise the floor plan and create quicker and more resourceful procedures for food inventory and distribution. Her plans allowed more food donations to be stored and also made it easy to locate products by the date they needed to be distributed, which allowed more food to get out to local families. She then created a color coding system for easy recognition of food products. Next, she created a cookbook that used ingredients that are commonly stocked in the pantry. Last, she helped lead the pantry’s largest food drive of the year, while also hosting cooking classes to help promote the pantry’s needs.  

Gold Award Girl Scouts don’t just change the world for the better, they change it for good. The Gold Award is earned by girls in grades 9–12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership in developing sustainable solutions to local, national, and global challenges. Since 1916, Girl Scouts have answered the call to drive lasting, impactful change. The Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable. Along with helping the FCC food pantry, Amanda also gained a sense of empowerment to make a difference.

“I enjoyed my project and learned a great deal about myself and working with others,” she said. “I know this will help me become a stronger leader and adult. It has already changed my life.”

Amanda is the daughter of Donna and David Aaron and a member of the class of 2019 at Belleville West High School. She currently attends Southwestern Illinois College, where she studies Early Child Care Education.


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