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Girl Scouts Destinations Travel Opportunities For Girls 11 & Up

Girl Scout Destinations Travel Experience

Girl Scout Destinations are the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older. With different trips every year, there’s something amazing for everyone. Pack your bags full of life-changing experiences and make friends from all over the country as you travel with Girl Scouts from different states. How far will your Girl Scout experience take you? That’s up to you!


1. Check out all the different experiences you can have through a Girl Scout Destination!

2. Contact the Destination host with specific questions about trips, or contact us at GSofSI for questions about Destinations in general.

3. Apply! You may choose to apply to up to four Destinations. 

Round 1 Application Deadline – December 1, 2019

Here at GSofSI, we want to make this process as easy and effortless as possible. Please take advantage of our Destinations Application Worksheet and Checklist as you’re in the process of completing your online application. This worksheet is for your personal use only. The worksheet contains each question that you will complete on the online application, so you can be prepared before you start the online form.

Learn about GSofSI Girl Scout Rowan Dothager's Destinations trip to India!