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Team Up to Help Her Reach Her Goals! Digital Cookie Has the Tools For Success.

Girl Scouts Digital Cookie

During the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls learn to think like entrepreneurs as they set goals, create a business plan, hone their marketing skills and more. You girl can build all of these skills and boost her confidence while raising funds for her troop's adventures. She'll also earn awesome rewards! Girl Scouts' Digital Cookie platform is a great way for caregivers to work together with their Girl Scout to support her success. In fact, Girl Scouts who use Digital Cookie along with traditional door-to-door order taking earn 76% more cookie sales! 

Here's how to get started:

1. Check your email. Caregivers were sent a link to help set up their Girl Scouts' Digital Cookie site on December 14, 2020. Don't see it? Check your Junk/Filtered folder. If its not there, please contact us at .
2. Set up her site together. Personalize her storefront with a video! Ask your girl to share her goals. 

3. Reach out. Girls can invite friends and family to order or donate Girl Scout Cookies online starting December 19, 2020. On January 9, they'll also be able to select the "girl delivery" option. 

4. Succeed! Girls can track their goals in Digital Cookie. 

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Advice for Selling Girl Scout Cookies Online

Be honest. The Girl Scout Law also applies to your sales technique! From your Digital Cookie site to your social media campaigns, be honest, straightforward, and approachable as you write about your cookie business.

Create a sense of urgency. Girl Scout Cookie season only comes around once a year! Countdowns to the last dates to order are a great motivator for driving sales. Encourage potential customers to buy from you right now.

Make an impression. Share eye-catching photos or videos. Post ideas may include pictures of the cookies you’re selling, yourself in your Girl Scout uniform, or a story tied to your goal. Let customers know what adventures and service projects your troop has planned to do with your cookie earnings. 

Highlight special features or products. Share the top-selling cookies in your lineup or any special varieties. Did you know that Toffee-Tastics are gluten-free and Thin Mints are made with vegan ingredients?

Use a clear call to action. Share your goal and exactly how your customer help you achieve it. 

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