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A Message from CEO Loretta Graham

CEO Loretta Graham

Dear Girl Scouts,

I want to thank all of our volunteers for being understanding in my ask for additional time to analyze the How the Cookie Crumbles information as it pertains to Camp Torqua. As I had mentioned in the Town Hall meeting on February 8, we felt there were more expenses that could be cut from the budget for this property. I am glad that we had this extra week to dive deeper into this; we have been able to identify further reductions, bringing that yearly expense number to under $75,000!

The largest reduction (over $46,000) to this revised budget for Camp Torqua is the removal of the depreciation expense. Depreciation is still an expense that is to be incurred, but it is a non-cash expense. Since income does not need to be generated to offset this expense, we felt it should be placed in the general council budget when assessing the income necessary to keep Camp Torqua operational.

With the revised operational budget of $74,536 for Camp Torqua, the expenses break down as follows:

  • Daily Operations, Facility Repairs & Maintenance – 67.5%
  • Insurance – 15.4%
  • Utilities – 10.2%
  • Equipment Purchase, Repair & Maintenance – 6.7%
  • Supplies, Licenses & Fees – 0.2%

The Finance Committee and Board of Directors are diligently working to identify and reduce not only the yearly operating expenses, but also the deferred maintenance of Camp Torqua. These recommendations should be available to discuss at our next Town Hall meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, March 8. Not only do I welcome any questions regarding this revised budget or the deferred maintenance at that meeting, but I’m excited to discuss more about the Task Force that will be engaged and how volunteers can play an active role in this process.

Again, I want to express my sincere thanks to our volunteers for the open and ongoing dialogue we continue to have as we navigate these waters. I know we all share the ultimate desire to keep Camp Torqua for many years to come. Please be on the lookout for more information to come very soon regarding our next Town Hall meeting on March 8.