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Grace Seidel from Bonnie Designated a Gold Award Girl Scout


Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois congratulates Grace Seidel of Bonnie, Illinois for becoming a Gold Award Girl Scout—a designation she earned by play equipment for children with mobility challenges.

“I love to swing. I chose to share this joy with children with mobility challenges,” said Grace.

Grace researched ADA requirements and studies of why all children need and deserve an opportunity to be outside. She partnered with Elks Children’s Care Corporation and the City of Mt. Vernon. A swing set, along with proper surfacing under it, was installed at Lincoln Park in Mt. Vernon so that children of all abilities could enjoy swinging.

“I discovered that, though I am not great at public speaking, I can use coping skills and power through to the end,” said Grace, when asked what she learned from her project. “I realized that I can be a role model to young people,” she added.

Gold Award Girl Scouts change the world for the better, and they change it for good. The Gold Award is earned by girls in grades 9–12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership in developing sustainable solutions to local, national and global challenges. Since the highest award was established in 1916, Girl Scouts have answered the call to drive lasting, impactful change. The Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable.

Grace is the daughter of Steve and Sheila Seidel. She is a Trifecta Girl Scout who has earned the Girl Scout Bronze Award, Girl Scout Silver Award and Girl Scout Gold Award.