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June 2021 gsLearn Updates

Liscio Training

A Liscio training course, named 416 (GSofSI Council) Liscio Training and Demos, is still available. This course is for Troop Leaders, Troop Treasuers, Service Unit Managers and/or Treasurers who will be handling the submission of the annual troop or service unit finance report. Only one report per troop or service unit needs to complete the annual report (e-doc) in Liscio. We are be using Liscio, a file sharing platform, instead of asking volunteers to submit their reports through the finance tab in the VTK.

Important! Accept your invite and set up your account within seven days of receiving your notification. Volunteers can disregard any Liscio-generated messages indicating the financial reports are due any earlier than June 21, 2021. Please ensure your report is complete and your first month and last month bank statements are attached before providing your e-signature and submitting.

GSUSA Junior Grade Level Essentials

This new course is now available in your Course Library! This grade level training covers key topics related to running a successful and engaging Junior troop.

More About gsLearn

Want to know what training courses are available? You can always check out our Course Library online. This list is updated as new gsLearn training opportunities are released.