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Winnie Blanchfield from Waterloo Designated a Gold Award Girl Scout


Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois congratulates Winnie Blanchfield from Waterloo, Illinois for becoming a Gold Award Girl Scout—a designation she earned by creating an enhanced outdoor gathering space for her church and its early learning center.

“I knew I wanted to do my project for the church because I believed they would benefit the most from it,” she said. “I reached out to my project advisor, Rev. Michael R. Roth, to ask what would best suit the church’s current needs, and he suggested a large outdoor gathering space.”

Winnie took note of the church’s early learning center being called Treehouse, and decided to use that theme for her project. She constructed a large table as an abstract representation of a tree. Consisting of six sections that can accommodate approximately 50 people, the large gathering table appears as a tree from a bird’s eye view.
Winnie learned through this project that many people have unknown skills and are often happy to share their knowledge with others. “By allowing myself to learn from them, the knowledge I can gain can be endless,” she stated.

Gold Award Girl Scouts change the world for the better, and they change it for good. The Gold Award is earned by girls in grades 9–12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership in developing sustainable solutions to local, national and global challenges. Since the highest award was established in 1916, Girl Scouts have answered the call to drive lasting, impactful change. The Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable.

Winnie is the daughter of Julie and Allen Blanchfield and a member of the class of 2021 at Waterloo High School. She is a Trifecta Girl Scout who has earned the Girl Scout Bronze Award, Girl Scout Silver Award and Girl Scout Gold Award. After graduation, she plans to attend college to further her education.