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4.2.2. Outdoor Patch Progressions

No Girl Left Inside

Girl Scuts of Southern Illinois wants to make sure that there is "No Girl Left Inside." Exploring nature and learning outdoor skills is vital to each Girl Scout's mental and spiritual develpment. Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois' Outdoor Patch Programs help introduce girls to exciting outdoors adventure!

Outdoor Experience Patch Progression

The Outdoor Experience Patch Progression Program was devised to help make going outdoors an experience for continual learning and growth.  The plan is designed to give you a GUIDE on how to plan outdoor experiences and progressions with your troop.  The underlying throught of the program is to challenge the campers and provide new and exciting opportunities.

Click here to view the Outdoor Experience Patch Progression Manual!

Outdoor Patch Progression Levels

Complete all activities in the Beginner level to build a foundation.  All levels require that the camper complete all activities for each category.  Use good judgment when completing the plan.

The Outdoor Experience Progression Patch Program is designed to allow a camper to earn one progression patch per year.  The more advanced levels may take two years to complete. 

The levels of the Progression are as follows:

Level One: Main Patch
Level Two: Beginner
Level Three: Adventurer
Level Four: Intermediate Camper
Level Five: Outdoor Explorer
Level Six: Expert Camper
Level Seven: Master of the Outdoors

The Girl Scout Tree Promise

TreePromise_Patch 2021

Thanks for making the Girl Scout Tree Promise! Girl Scouts are joining forces with the Elliott Wildlife Values Project and American Forests to launch a bold tree-planting initiative. 

Together, we’re embarking on a commitment to make a positive impact on our planet by planting five million trees across the country in five years! Every tree helps grow the Girl Scout legacy of environmental stewardship. 

The Girl Scout Tree Promise Program Toolkit

Through the Girl Scout Tree Promise, girls explore how planting and protecting trees benefits their own communities by cleaning the air, cooling neighborhoods, and preventing erosion while also providing shade, places for animals to live, food for us to eat and natural beauty. 

As girls participate, make sure to keep the project girl-led. Girls may want to work on activities at events, in troop meetings, on their own, or with their families, caregivers and friends. Girl Scouts' toolkit includes patch activities that troop leaders, partners, and families can use to encourage girls' interest in tree planting, climate change, and biodiversity. It also includes ideas and ways to connect the Girl Scout Tree Promise to other Girl Scout experiences, including badges and Journeys, Take Action and highest award projects, other awards and travel opportuities.

Go to Girl Scout Tree Promise Toolkit

Earn the Tree Promise Patch

When you make the Girl Scout Tree Promise, you are part of a global movement to address climate change, benefit wildlife, and make the world a better place—one tree at time! 

Three Ways to Earn the Girl Scout Tree Promise Patch:
1. Plant a tree, then enter it on the tree tracker.
2. Protect a tree
3. Honor a tree at camp or in your community.

Learn more about planting, protecting, or honoring a tree at to choose your Girl Scout Tree Promise project.

Planting the Future Event on April 22

Love our planet? Want to create a healthy climate for future generations? Join us on Earth Day, April 22 from 6:30 – 7:15 p.m. Central for “Awesome Girls: Planting the Future with the Girl Scout Tree Promise,” a live virtual event. You will learn about the power of trees to keep our communities strong.  Register

Danni Washington, Girl Scout Alum, science TV Host, and correspondent on season one of Mission Unstoppable on CBS, will join the fun! During the event, we’ll take the Tree Promise with Danni and commit to planting 5 million trees in the next five years—together! Girls of all ages are welcome.

Stay after the event for the opportunity to speak with Danni about her career path as a science communicator and conservationist. This extended Q&A session is best suited for older girls.

Earn Girl Scouts Badges in the Outdoors!

There are so many awesome badges that Girl Scouts can earn in the great outdoors! Check out this video about earning a Snow or Climbing Adventure Badge! Learn more about Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois badges by clicking here!