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4.2.2. Outdoor Patch Progressions

No Girl Left Inside

GSofSI wants to make sure that we "Leave No Girl Inside". Being exposed to nature and learning outdoor skills is extrememly vital to each Girl Scout's mental and spiritual develpment. Check out this page to learn about all of GSofSI's Outdoor Patch Programs!

Check out this video about earning a Snow or Climbing Adventure Badge! Learn more about GSofSI badges by clicking here!

Or check out opportunities for a 2020 Summer Camp adventure!


No Girl Left Inside

The Outdoor Experience Patch Progression Program was devised to help make going outdoors an experience for continual learning and growth.  The plan is designed to give you a GUIDE on how to plan outdoor experiences and progressions with your troop.  The underlying throught of the program is to challenge the campers and provide new and exciting opportunities.

Click here to view the Outdoor Experience Patch Progression Manual!

Outdoor Patch Progression Levels

Complete all activities in the Beginner level to build a foundation.  All levels require that the camper complete all activities for each category.  Use good judgment when completing the plan.

The Outdoor Experience Progression Patch Program is designed to allow a camper to earn one progression patch per year.  The more advanced levels may take two years to complete. 

The levels of the Progression are as follows:

Level One: Main Patch
Level Two: Beginner
Level Three: Adventurer
Level Four: Intermediate Camper
Level Five: Outdoor Explorer
Level Six: Expert Camper
Level Seven: Master of the Outdoors


Girl Scouts Love State Parks!

State Park Patch Program

Girl Scout's LOVE State Parks! GSofSI has three different locations your troop can choose to visit and earn the State Park Patch: Giant City State Park, Cache River State Natural Area and Beall Woods State Park. 

To Earn the Patch:

  • Visit one of the State Parks listed 
  • Go to the Visitor's Center and ask to check out a Girl Scout State 
    Park Patch Backpack (for free!) which will include everything you
    need for your adventure
  • Set off around the park and learn about the history, flora and fauna
  • Complete the Patch Guide and return it to the Visitor's Center
    to get a signature
  • You did it! Fill out the patch order form and your new badge
    will be shipped out to you!

State Park Patch Program Guides:

Giant City State Park Booklet
Cache River State Natural Area Booklet
Beall Woods State Park Booklet