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Resources for the 2021 Cookie Program

Use these tools, tips and resources to help make this year's Girl Scout Cookie Program the most fun and successful yet!  

It's Cookie Crunch Time!


With the Cookie Program ending on March 28, it's time to set your sights on reaching (or surpassing!) your goals! You can even win a weekend at Camp Torqua as we finish this unprecedented cookie season with true Girl Scout resilience and creativity! 

Pick up 30 cases of cookies from a cupboard in March and your troop will be entered into a drawing to win a weekend at Camp Torqua! Already picked up 30 cases in March? You’re automatically entered in the giveaway! Your troop will get an entry for every 30 cases you pick up. Cupboard orders must be placed in eBudde by March 28.

  How to Place a Cupboard Order

Camp Torqua weekend winners will be announced on April 5. The free weekend at camp will be held on July 9-11. If overnight events are not permitted due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts at that time, the troop will have the ability to move their weekend to a later date or have day use of the camp. Please note that some camp activities may require a certified adult present.

Cookie Program Timeline

January Cookie Kick-Off
December 2: Deadline to submit cookie orders.
Place your order now!

Digital Cookie
December 19: Digital Cookie sales begin for direct-shipped cookies & donations ONLY.

Initial Orders
January 8: Attend your service unit in-person or virtual Cookie Rally!

January 9: Initial order card (in-person) sales begin, and girl-delivery option becomes available through Digital Cookie.

January 30: Initial order card (in-person) sales end and girl-delivery option is no longer offered through Digital Cookie.

Initial Order Pick Up
February 11-16: Pick up initial orders from Troop Cookie Managers. Be sure to deliver cookies right away. Sign a receipt every time you pick up cookies and/or turn in money. Be sure to keep these receipts!

Girl Scout Cookie Booths
February 19-March 28: Troops can work together at cookie booths to sell cookies to customers at area businesses & community spaces or at a virtual cookie booth! Girls can also participate in troop walk-about to sell cookies in their neighborhoods.

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
February 19-21: Celebrate Girl Scout Cookies with the entire nation!

Cookie Season Ends
March 28: All money must be submitted to Troop Cookie Managers by this date. He/she may ask for money to be turned in before this date - abide by that deadline.

Reward orders are due in eBudde by March 31 by 11:59 p.m.
Mid May: Rewards begin shipping. Troop Cookie Managers will contact caregivers to arrange pick-up or distribute at a Troop Cookie meeting.

Resources For Troop Cookie Managers

Use these resources to educate and inspire girls and their families to learn essential skills and think like entrepreneurs through the Girl Scout Cookie Program!


Troop cookie managers are required to complete a digital agreement through SignNow before the Cookie Program begins. Online forms can be completed using this link: Troop Cookie Manager Agreement

The Volunteer Cookie Guide is your go-to resource for all things Cookies, including digital resources, cookie cupboard locations, important dates, tutorials, and more!

On the Girls tab in eBudde, you can view all the girls registered in your troop. This page will continue to update throughout the program as new girls join Girl Scouts. If a girl is missing from your troop in eBudde, fill out the "Product Program Roster Change" form.

Girl safety is our #1 priority!  Discuss these safety tips with your girls before the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Little Brownie Bakers updated the precautionary allergen disclosure on its Girl Scout Cookie packaging labels. This update was made to prioritize safety and be transparent and sensitive to the needs of our customers.

You can find more resources under the individual tabs on this page!

NEW! Cookie Program Family Meeting Guide

The NEW Cookie Program Family Meeting Guides are your go-to resource for connecting with girls and their families. Kicking off cookie season with a family meeting not only builds in high-quality time together but also gives your whole troop a taste of the action—sweet! We have the perfect tips to get you started. Download yours today, and get ready to make cookie family connections all season long!



eBudde is an online application used by volunteers and council to manage the cookie program. eBudde can be accessed by going to  

Check out these resources to help you navigate the system!

Troop Cookie Managers

eBudde Troop Quick Sheet
eBudde Troop App Flyer
eBudde Troop Manual

How to Allocate Cookies to a GIrl - Desktop
How to Allocate Cookies to a Girl - Mobile
How to Submit Final Rewards

Service Unit Cookie Managers

eBudde Service Unit Quick Sheet
Service Unit eBudde Manual 

Resources For Girls & Families

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is good for lots of things such as learning super useful life skills, gaining a ton of confidence, and discovering the leader inside to get amazing things done. And, there’s more. Selling cookies also means big fun, great friends, and a chance to change the world— sweet! Whether you’re a brand-new Daisy or a seasoned Ambassador, the Girl Scout Cookie Program provides opportunities for girls and troops to do amazing things during their Girl Scout year -- and supports the tradition of Girl Scouting for generations to come! You are not just supporting your troop -- you are supporting the G.I.R.L. movement!

Cookie Entrepreneur GIRL Kit

Don’t forget to complete an electronic girl/caregiver permission form! If a girl's parents do not reside together, both parents must complete an electronic permission form to reduce the risk of liability if one parent does not pay.

Navigate through the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program with the Family Cookie Guide!

Cookie Rookie: For GIRLS!
We have a video from Little Brownie Bakers for girls who are Cookie Rookies! If girls are new to the Cookie Program, this fun 10-minute video is just what they need to understand the basics. They'll learn:

  • How the program works
  • Cookie names
  • Easy ways to ask a customer to buy
  • Cookie booth essentials
  • Safety rules
  • How to set a goal

Watch the video now!

Did you know that 100% of the Girl Scout Cookie Program's proceeds stay right here within Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois? That means after paying for the product, the remaining proceeds of every packaged purchased goes directly to troops and our local council.

How the Cookie Crumbles


Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin
Earning the year-by-year Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin is the best way to make the Girl Scout Cookie Program a family affair! The simple, age-specific guidelines have been tailored for her developing skillset, making success a snap.

How to Be a Super Seller! 
Check out for some fun ideas on how to take your cookie business to the next level! Play fun interactive games, learn how to sell more, and check out cool crafts to help you during your cookie sale.

Workplace & Network Tip Sheets

Girl safety is our #1 priority! Be sure to review these tips before participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Little Brownie Bakers updated the precautionary allergen disclosure on its Girl Scout Cookie packaging labels. This update was made to prioritize safety and be transparent and sensitive to the needs of our customers.

Use this In-Person Sales Guide for ideas on how to support her success!

Resources For Service Unit Cookie Managers
Resources for Juliette Girl Scouts
Cookie Program Trainings

Troop Cookie Program Training

  • Please complete the Troop Cookie Manager training through gsLearn.
  • Family Cookie Training
  • Check out the eBudde Training Videos on GS Learn!
Online Marketing Using Digital Cookie

More ways to buy, more ways to learn  
The Digital Cookie platform helps girls superpower their cookie sales as they go beyond the booth with mobile and online channels. That’s right. The platform is a fun, educational tool that helps girls run and manage their Girl Scout Cookie business online.

What can she do with the Digital Cookie platform?
With a fun, robust, hands-on interface, the Digital Cookie platform is an amazing learning experience for every girl. Through it, she has access to even more tools that teach her about marketing, budgeting, resource allocation, and other critical business skills—encouraging and guiding her as she makes her way to cookie boss success. 

On the platform, girls can set their cookie goals, track their progress, manage orders and inventory, learn Internet safety skills, and more—all while they earn age-specific Cookie Business badges and explore ways to help others by investing their earnings back into their communities.

With the Digital Cookie platform, girls can:

  • Gain new essential business and social skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • Invite cookie customers to easily order and pay for cookies online and through their mobile app.
  • Earn funds to power amazing-year-round activities for her and her troop!

So, how does the Digital Cookie platform work?
It’s a lot like buying your cookies at a traditional cookie booth, but with an online twist!

  1. In true Girl Scout style, the girls initiate the cookie sale, whether online, via email, or in person at the cookie booth with their Digital Cookie mobile app.
  2. A Girl Scout you know may invite you to visit her personalized cookie website where you can place your order, pay using Visa Checkout or credit cards, have your order shipped or delivered by a Girl Scout,* or even donate cookies to charity. Some Girl Scouts may take in-person orders using a mobile app that allows them to securely accept payments using credit cards.
  3. Select your cookies, place your order, and complete your transaction. Boom, just like that, you’ve got delicious Girl Scout Cookies coming your way!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world! Selling Girl Scout Cookies sets the stage for girls to discover their inner leadership potential and helps them invest their cookie money into life-changing experiences and community-changing service projects.

Digital Cookie and Online Safety

We are incredibly excited that girls can offer Girl Scout Cookies through the secure Digital Cookie platform and develop relevant digital marketing and business skills. However, girl privacy and safety is our top priority. For this reason, Digital Cookie storefronts can only be shared with friends and family – people that the girl or her family personally know. Online sales through sites like Craigslist, Facebook swap sites, Amazon, eBay, or similar communities are not allowed. In addition, girls should never share their last names, home addresses, or contact information. Please help us keep girl safety as our number one priority by abiding by these guidelines!

Digital Cookie Tools for Volunteers

Check out our Digital Cookie Troop Training to learn how to navigate the Digital Cookie Platform as a troop cookie manager: 

Digital Cookie Tips for Families
Cookie Program Rewards
Cookie Rallies

What is a Cookie Rally? It's an event to "rally” your girls so they can launch their Cookie Business into a bright future!

While the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great fundraiser and helps many girls do amazing things, we know that it can and should go beyond "just" a fundraiser. It should also be a skill-building learning opportunity for the girls, and at Girl Scouts, we focus on the 5 Skills of the Cookie Program. A Cookie Rally is a great opportunity to join with other Girl Scouts and learn about those 5 Skills while having a blast! It's like a big party!

Check with your service unit cookie manager to find a rally near you!

Cookie Booths

Cookie booths allow girls an opportunity to reach their goals while working together as a team. Troops can use their extra cookies or pick up additional cookies from the cookie cupboard - an area location that stocks cookies to distribute to troops. Troops then set up shop at high-traffic locations in the community, such as stores, places of worship, sporting events, gas stations, etc. A Girl Scout Cookie Booth is the girls’ very own storefront for their business!

Gift of Caring

The Gift of Caring program offers customers who do not wish to purchase cookies due to restricted diets or New Year's resolutions the chance to donate cookies! The Gift of Caring program provides current, and veteran U.S. military members delicious Girl Scout treats as a gesture of appreciation for their service. Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois is once again sponsoring H.E.R.O.E.S. Care. Cookies purchased through the Gift of Caring program will be sent to U.S. military service members serving overseas and military organizations in our area. Last year Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois donated almost 18,000 cookie packages!

H.E.R.O.E.S. Care is an area non-profit agency designed to provide complete and proactive support for members of all branches of the military and their families through pre-deployment, deployment, family reintegration, and post-deployment.

Business Gift of Caring
Did you know you can buy Girl Scout cookies to send to active military personnel? Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois's Gift of Caring program is a great way for you to send a taste of home and your personal message of encouragement to troops serving overseas.  Gift of Caring is also a terrific alternative for those who want to support Girl Scouts without purchasing the cookies for themselves and is ideal for companies and corporations.

Through corporate sponsorship, you're not only supporting military troops, but after the cost of the cookies, 100% of the proceeds stay in the community to help support girl scout programming. In 2020, almost 18,000 packages of cookies were donated.

Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois and our Troops overseas!

2021 Business Gift of Caring Form

ACH Processing & Finances

Finances will be handled through Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawals. Troops will make deposits into their troop bank account, and the council will withdraw the balance due.

The Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois Direct Payment Authorization Form is required for all troops to participate in the Product Programs. This form must be completed and signed electronically.  

Note:  If your troop submitted an ACH form for the 2020 Cookie Program or 2020 Fall Product Program, and your banking information has remained the same, you do NOT need to resubmit a form.

Complete the Direct Authorization Form
Have your troop bank account information handy. You’ll need your Routing and Account numbers as well as a picture of a blank check. If your troop does not have checks, you will need to submit a letter from your bank with your name, troop number, and account information.

Direct Authorization Form

Council will perform two ACH (Automatic Clearing House) withdrawals based on the amounts and dates below.

  • March 3, 2021: Initial ACH sweep for 50% of your troops Initial Order Cookies.  This includes paper order card sales and any booth cookies ordered at Initial Order.
  • April 6, 2021: Final ACH sweep for the remaining balance due to council. This includes the remaining balance from the initial order, January kick-off cookies, and booth cookies.

See page 25 of the Volunteer Cookie Guide for more details.

If your troop experiences financial issues during the Cookie Program, please complete and submit these forms for council to assist you and your troop.

Should you be unable to collect funds owed from a Caregiver, council will attempt to reconcile those funds only if the proper documentation is submitted.

In this instance, a Girl/Parent Debt Collection Form and an ACH Adjustment Form must be completed along with uploads of receipts and any other corresponding paperwork. If the proper documentation is received by the deadlines below, these funds will be removed from your troop's balance while the collection process continues.

  • March 3, 2021: Initial ACH sweep adjustment forms due by 5 p.m.
  • April 6, 2021: Final ACH sweep adjustment forms due by 5 p.m.

Note:  Absolutely NO late requests will be accepted after the deadline.

Clover Go Credit Card Processing

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois has partnered with First Data to offer credit card processing for troops through the Clover Go app.

Troops and girls can accept credit and debit cards during booth sales and when going door to door.  All funds are directly deposited into the troop's bank account - making it fast, easy, and efficient to accept credit and debit cards! The best part is Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois is covering all of the processing fees! (Note: Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois will not cover the cost of additional hardware purchased by troops).

Clover GO Troop Resources

Clover GO Resources for Girls & Families

Cookie Activities for Troops & Girls
Printable Resources
Digital Forms
Cookie Recipes
Zoom Cookie Booth Resources