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GSofSI Cookie Seller Resources

What is Hometown Heroes?

Hometown Heroes is our rebranded cookie donation program or also known as Gift of Caring. In the past, all donations that were collected by girls and their troops were stored in a virtual warehouse and at the end of the season they were then donated to one organization. Now, each service unit has the opportunity to select their own organization to donate to. This will allow cookies to completely stay in their community giving the donation program a whole new purpose, while hitting closer to home for girls and their communities. At the end of the sale, we will use cookies from our cupboards to fulfill these donations for each service unit’s location.

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is a council reward card that can be used to pay for service unit camps, council sponsored programs, in the shop, or next year’s registration.

  • Cookie Dough cannot be redeemed in the shop for a GSofSI gift card.
  • Cookie Dough expires on September 22, 2023.
  • Cookie Dough is noncumulative.

The Cookie Dough process has been updated!

  • If Cookie Dough is selected as a reward, the caregivers of the girl will receive an email from council within a week of final reward submissions with the amount available to spend and can be used right away.
  • For a Girl Scout to redeem her cookie dough, her and her caregiver will need to fill out the Cookie Dough Request form. You can access this form by clicking the link below. This form will ask for the amount requesting to be used and what the girl would like to use it on. In the case of a program event, resident camp, or day camp the caregiver will need to know the name, date, and cost of the event. Customer care will then process your request and be in contact with the caregiver. In the case of a shop purchase, the shop will be in contact with the caregiver within 4 business days to collect the order.

  • Cookie Dough Request Form


Cookie Crossover

Patches will be mailed directly to the Girl Scout from M2. Please contact M2 customer care if you have any questions on your patch’s status. 800-372-8520

To earn:

  • Create your avatar in the Fall
  • Send 18+ emails during the Fall Program
  • Sell 250+ packages of cookies during the 2023 Cookie Program

Rally Finale: February 27 - March 5

Let’s finish cookie season with a grand finale!

From February 27 to March 5, customers will be able to use Digital Cookie to order cookies to be shipped to their homes. They can even order the brand new Raspberry Rally cookie which is available through direct ship only!

Girl Scouts who sell 50+ boxes of cookies that are direct shipped through Digital Cookie will earn a mini crossbody sling bag and a custom patch!

PLUS, we will give away two customized bluetooth speakers each day!

Every girl who collects any Digital Cookie sales or donations will be entered into the following day’s giveaway. Ex: Girls with Digital Cookie Direct Shipped/Donation orders on February 27 will be entered in the drawing for February 28.

Download the Race to the Rally and Rally Finale Flyer!

Cookie Season

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