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Virtual Girl Scouts

Welcome to Virtual Girl Scouts! Girls can earn badges and patches at their own pace right from home. Explore the outdoors, do science experiements, create beautiful art and much more. There are even virtual community service projects!

All online activities help girls earn a badge or fun patch that can be purchased from our Online Shop

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We love to see our Girl Scouts succeed! Share your pics and videos with us for a chance to be featured on our Councl social media and to help keep the true green Girl Scout spirit going strong! 



Virtual Patch Programs

Pillar Power Patch Program

We know that with everything going on it can be a little overwhelming to fit in badge work. Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois believe that through the four pillars of Girl Scouts we can find ways to continue being women of courage and confidence that make the world a better place. All it takes is making sure that we have a solid foundation to build upon.

The foundation of Girl Scouts consists of Life Skills, Outdoor, STEM and Entrepreneurship. As we are transitioning to spending more time virtually, it can be a challenge to experience activities in each pillar. To make sure you get to experience all that Girl Scouts has to offer, we are giving you this Pillar Power challenge.

To complete the challenge, all you need to do is consult our Pillar Power Chart of Activities and find a way to incorporate something from each pillar into your ongoing life. Below is a list of how many activites from each pillar your Girl Scout level must complete:

  • Daisy - Complete 1 activity from each pillar.
  • Brownie - Complete 2 activities from each pillar.
  • Junior - Complete 3 activities from each pillar.
  • Cadette - Complete 4 activities from each pillar.
  • Senior - Complete 5 activites from each pillar.
  • Ambassador - Complete 6 activities from each pillar.

  Pillar Power Activities Chart
 Pillar Power Grade Level Requirements

Other Virtual Patch Progams

Virtual Activities: Entrepreneurship

Girls In Innovation
Innovation Patch Web

Stretch your imagination, explore your creativity and discover ways to bring your brilliant ideas to life. Learn about great inventors and how you can use science to solve a problem or create something new. Find inspiration for an idea that could change the world! Investigate innovation by completing at least 2 of the DIY Innovation Activities on your own. 

Check out the Innovation Week Daily Schedule!

DIY Innovation Activities:


Virtual Activities: Life Skills

Art Attack

Let's make this summer a colorful one! Each day we will explore a different famous artist and some of their works. Then, we'll dive in and create our own masterpieces! Be sure to share pictures with us on the Art Attack Facebook Event. This program can be completed at your own pace.

Monday: Roy Lichtenstein and Onomatopoeia Bubble Art

Tuesday: Piet Mondrian and My Goals Art

Wednesday: Alma Thomas and Days Filled With Color Art

Thursday: Dale Chihuly and Art Medium

Friday: Angie Lewin and Macro Nature Art

Culinary Creator Challenge

This is your chance to show everyone your expertise in the kitchen by planning, cooking and customizing something good to eat!

For this challenge you have 2 options:

1. Lunch Challenge:  Make a mac n' cheese meal. For this challenge you can use any pasta and cheese that you would like. Jazz up your recipe with additional add-ins such as be meat, veggies or whatever you'd like. Adjust your recipe for any dietary restrictions that you have.

2. Dessert Challenge: Design a dessert for your family using the following  three items: vanilla cake mix (box or homemade), fruit (any variety, canned, frozen or fresh) and breakfast cereal (any variety). 

With either challenge make sure you follow the following steps:

  • Plan your recipe 
  • Shop (at the store or in your kitchen)
  • Create your culinary masterpiece
  • Present (show your dish in a way that makes your family want to try it right away)
  • Taste

Last, round up your family judges and give them a copy of the score sheet to decide if you are a Master Culinary Creator.

Crushed It! Cake Challenge
crush it cake patch

Girl Scouts! Challenge yourself and participate in our first ever Crushed It! Cake Decorating Challenge!

All Girl Scouts Daisy-Ambassador can join the fun! Your family will come up with your cake decorating challenge and be the judge & jury if you CRUSHED IT! All cakes will be displayed at the end of our challenge on our GSofSI Facebook Page. 

Please photos submit to our Crushed It! Cake Challenge Facebook Event!


Virtual Activities: Outdoors

Backyard Fun Challenge
Backyard Patch

Join the Backyard Fun Challenge! During this week we will be like Bigfoot while we learn about Leave No Trace, enjoy some outdoor cooking and take part in camp skill challenges. Finally cap off your week with a family campout. Whether it occurs in your backyard or in your living room, it’s sure to be a family night to remember. Download the Backyard Fun Challenge Worksheet! Order your patch here!

Best Campout Ever
Backyard Patch

Virtual Campouts? Yes, please! During this week we will be like Bigfoot while we learn about Leave No Trace, enjoy some outdoor cooking and take part in camp skill challenges. Finally cap off your week with a family campout. Whether it occurs in your backyard or in your living room, it’s sure to be a family night to remember. Order your patch here!

Click here for the Best Campout Ever Daily Schedule! 

Monday: Plan Ahead and Prepare - As Leave No Trace says, ‘Know Before You Go’. Pick one national park, by clicking here, to explore with a 360-degree tour. After you know what adventures you will be going on during your trip, design an avatar who will join you on your trip. Below there are 4 activities to do on your own to plan ahead and prepare for having a campout at your home.
Family & Troop Camping Toolkit
Plan Ahead & Prepare Buddy Activity
Plan Ahead & Prepare Comic Strip Activity
Plan Ahead & Prepare Diorama Activity

Tuesday: How to Be Like Bigfoot - Who lives in the woods and never leaves a trace, but always has a smile on his face? That’s right, Bigfoot! This is why he is the mascot for Leave No Trace. As Girl Scouts we believe in ‘leaving a place better than you find it’. When we go outside we try to practice eco-friendly ethics. Which means we try to minimize our impact on the planet.
How to be Like Bigfoot

Wednesday: Get to Know Your Tools Challenge - Part o planning ahead and preparing is testing and gettting to know the tools you will be using for your trip. Take part in these challenges to get to know your tool a little better.
Multi-Tool Challenge
Whittle Challenge

Thursday: Dream Campout - One of the most important thing to plan ahaed and prepare for is what you are going to eat. Start planning your meals today for your campout this weekend. You want to make sure you have everything that you need to make this the best campout ever! Use our Dream Campout planning sheet to help you get the job done.
Dream Campout

Friday: Campfire Sing-a-long and Skits - The big day is here and we hope you are ready!  Breakout those costumes, songs and skits and ask your family to join in the fun, or you can just light a fire at your house and enjoy!

May Illinois State Parks Be With You
GS Love Outdoors Patch web

Take the national Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge! Check out the activities list and choose the ones you want to do to earn yourself a cool new patch. While safely socially distancing, explore the outdoors from your window, front step, laptop or the wide open trail!

Tips and Tricks for the Trail  - Learn how to use a compass and what to wear and pack for the trail with Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois Program Engagement Manager Anne "Cupquake" Townsend and friends! 

Giant City Patch web

Learn more about your local state parks & earn the Giant City State Park Patch! Use the Giant City State Park Booklet & the park map on your adventure.

Cache River Patch web

Learn more about your local state parks & earn the Cache River State Park Patch! Use the Cache River State Park Booklet & the park map on your adventure.

Beall Woods web

Learn more about your local state parks & earn the Beall Woods State Park Patch! Use the Beall Woods State Park Booklet & the park map on your adventure.

Learn more about your local state parks & earn the Pere Marquette State Park Patch! Use the Pere Marquette State Park Booklet on your adventure.

Learn more about your local state parks & earn the Fort Massac State Park Patch! Use the Fort Massac State Park Booklet & the park map on your adventure.


Virtual Activities: STEM

STEM Unleashed

For the first time in its eight year history, Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois' summer STEM Camp was held online. We joined forces with the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville STEM Outreach Center to share exciting STEM challenges with girls right in their homes using mailed project kits and live Zoom sessions.

While the live sessions have passed, girls can still complete activities at their own pace:


Who Did It?
Who Done It Patch

Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and even Scooby Doo have nothing on you when you sleuth through this week. Learn about forensic science, critical thinking and maybe even a little spy craft while solving a virtual mystery puzzle.

Monday: The Mystery Begins - You have been recruited as a rookie member of the GSofSI Detective Agency. Work to uncover the culprit behind the Case of the Bakery Debacle as we hone our observation skills and create a crime scene sketch to put in our case files. Join the Fun!

Tuesday: BioPrints - Our investigation continues to unfold as we interview our suspects, watch for telltale signs and collect and compare fingerprints. Do you know who did it? Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions! Join the Fun!

Wednesday: Covert Operations - As we uncover more evidence, we don't know who we can trust. Us chromatography and cryptography to determine who wrote the coded message. Share the information you uncovered with your fellow detectives by writing in invisible ink. See today's special!

Thursday: Who Did It? - The final piece of the puzzle is identified when you learn to extract DNA and then compare DNA fingerprints to determine "who did it?" Learn about DNA!

Friday: Your Turn - Now it's your turn to create a mystery story, skit or even a crime scene for your friends or family to enjoy! Let's go!

Wacky Weather and What to Do With It
wacky weather patch web

Wacky Weather and What To Do With It: 
Explore weather phenomena that effects our region, such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, blazing heat and numbing cold, through hands-on activities with common household items. Become your family meteorologist when you create your own DIY weather station and also take advantage of First Aid training special offers.

Check out the Wacky Weather Week Daily Schedule!

Wacky Weather Resources:
Monday Activity Packet
Tuesday Activity Packet
Wednesday Activity Packet
Thursday Activity Packet
Badge & Award Connections
Wacky Weather Video Playlist


Virtual Patches: Fun & Games

An Enchanted Adventure

Apparate into a magical world where you will transfigure a recyclable into something new, study the stars above during astronomy class, develop a magical concoction during potions class, and learn to take care of your magical creatures.

Finish the week by celebrating a wizardly birthday by showing your house pride, tasting some scrumptious snacks, playing a rousing game of trivia and settling for a movie marathon. 

Monday: Transfiguration (A Recycled Craft)

Tuesday: Visit Astronomy Tower (Steps from the Space Science badges)
The Astronomy of Harry Potter
Star Wheel

Wednesday: Potions (Steps 1 and 5 Brownie Home Scientist)  

Thursday: Care of Magical Creatures (Steps 4 and 5 from Brownie Pets badge and Step 3 Junior Animal Habitats badge)

Wizard Scavenger Hunt
Wizard Quick Draw
Would You Rather

Friday: Harry's Birthday Party
Sorting Hat Origami 

Frozen Fun
Frozen Fun Patch web

Frozen Fun Spirit Week has passed, but there is still time to join the fun! There is a frosty activity for each day of the week. Check out the Frozen Fun Spirit Week Schedule! All levels are welcome to participate in the fun. 

Monday: Make Your Own Snow STEM Challenge
Tuesday: Frozen Fun Scavenger Hunt
Wednesday: Frozen Fun Craft Night
Thursday: Sing your favorite Disney songs!
Friday: Movie Marathon with Reindeer Munchies

Frozen Fun Week Videos on YouTube! 

Fun and Games

If games are your thing, this week is for you. We will play games, create game rules and design our own games! Activities will meet some requirements from the Daisy Board Game Design Challenge, Brownie Making Games and the Coding for Good Game Design badges. So let’s meet some new friends and play! Everyone is a winner!

Monday: Inside Out Day

Tuesday: Bring a Pet to Girl Scouts Day

Wednesday: Pajama Day | Guess Who Game

Thursday: Crazy Hair Day

Trolling Through Summer

We all need a little music, dancing and hugs in our lives. During this colorful week we will have a musical world tour, discover the power of fashion, save the day through scrapbooking and learn some new games and recipes.

Monday: Musical World Tour

Tuesday: Scrapbooking Saves the Day | Felt Troll Scrapbook

Wednesday: Trolls to Accessorize! | Crown Template

ThursdayTrolling Through the Summer Games

Friday: The Biggest, Loudest, Craziest Party Ever!


Virtual Programs from Girl Scouts of the USA

Additional self-guided "Girl Scouts at Home" activities can be found on Girl Scouts of the USA's website


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