Forms and Documents
Online Forms for Volunteers: 12 Available
  1. Misappropriation of Girl Scout Funds
  2. Incident Report (Online Form)
  3. Money-Earning Application
  4. Safety Activity Checkpoints
  5. Download & print the Incident Report Form.
  6. Flag & Equipment Request
  7. Intent to Travel Form
  8. GSEF Service Unit Grant Request
  9. GSEF Troop Grant Request
  10. GSEF Girl Grant Request
  11. Adult Financial Assistance Application
  12. Camp Torqua Usage Report
Online Forms for Members and Caregivers: 6 Available
  1. (Girl) Annual Health History and Permissions
  2. GSofSI Adult Health History Form
  3. MY24-2025 Girl Scout Membership Form
  4. Annual Girl Caregiver Permission Form
  5. Day and Resident Camp Financial Assistance Application
  6. Council Program & Travel Financial Assistance App
Financial Forms: 12 Available
  1. ACH Authorization Form
  2. CHECKredi Sample Forms and Instructions
  3. CHECKredi Girl Scout Agreement
  4. CHECKredi Bank Mail Release Form
  5. CHECKredi Direct Deposit Form
  6. Troop Financial Report
  7. Troop Finance Tracking Spreadsheet
  8. Service Unit Financial Report
  9. Service Unit Finance Tracking Spreadsheet
  10. Financial Report Tip Sheet
  11. Troop Bank Account Form
  12. Troop Budget Planning Worksheet