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5.6.1 NCM

Nut, Candy & Magazine Program

GSofSI's Nut, Candy and Magazine (NCM) Product Program helps girls raise funds for troop activities, as well as gives them hands on experience with five essential skills that will help them grow into leaders in their own lives, leaders in business, and leaders in the world:

            Goal Setting
            Decision Making
            Money Management
            People Skills
            Business Ethics

All of the proceeds stay within Southern Illinois to benefit 10,000 girls.  Proceeds help provide financial assistance to underserved girls, help develop leadership-building programs, maintain GSofSI camps, and provide effective training for over 3,500 adult volunteers.

2019 Nut, Candy & Magazine information coming soon!

To find a participating Girl Scout near you, call 800.345.6858 or e-mail

How The Nut (Money) Cracks