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6.4. Adult Training

Adult Training

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois has lots of training opportunities for new and existing volunteers. Check out everything we have to offer! Interested in something and don’t see it on our website? Let us know! Be sure to also check out our Event Calendar for any scheduled trainings and our Forms section for any training forms we have available. We also have lots of online trainings and resources available that you can access when it fits in YOUR schedule. We’re committed to giving you the tools you need to provide the best possible Girl Scout Leadership Experience!

Need a specific training in your area? If you have a group of six or more adults and would like to schedule a required training in your area,
please click here! 

Online Training and Resources

GSofSI offers lots of online training and resources for our volunteers. From Journey Resources to Girl Scout Songs to Waterfront Safety Training - we’ve got you covered!

New Troop Leader Training

Let us help you get started! We are so excited you have chosen to empower a group of girls to be the leaders of tomorrow. Troop leaders work with other volunteers to help girls new skills, explore new adventures, make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. Click Here to view our New Troop Leader Orientation Training! Then follow the simple steps below to get started:

  1. Complete your Girl Scout registration and complete a criminal background check.
  2. Watch the GSUSA Welcome Video.
  3. Watch GS101 - an intro to Girl Scouting.
  4. Dive in to the New Leader’s Guide to Success and use the Troop Training Path, found below, to track your progress.
  5. Watch this Troop Money Management presentation and complete the Knowledge Check, located on page 9.
  6. Attend New Leader Training with your Volunteer Experience staff member or approved trainer in your Service Unit and complete the Knowledge Check. To set up a time outside of the scheduled calendedaropportunities, please contact or by phone at 800-345-6858.

That’s it! You are ready to hold your first troop meeting and we are here to support you.

In order to build our girls into great leaders, we have to start with ourselves. We offer a variety of in-person workshops and online training courses to meet your needs as a new or experienced Troop Leader. New Troop Leaders are required to complete the path below through New Leader Training.


Outdoor Training

Check out these Outdoor Skills Video Trainings:

Camping IN

This course is required for camping with girls in a lodge setting with NO fire-building. Verification that at least one volunteer attending the campout is trained is required prior to your camp reservation date. This is a one-time certification and is a pre-requisite for Camping OUT.

Camping OUT

This follow-up course is required for camping with girls in a setting other than a lodge and/or with fire-building. The course focuses on outdoor skills and at least one volunteer attending the campout must complete this course. Verification of completion is necessary prior to your camp date. This is a 3-year certification and can be renewed via test. There is a $10 fee for the course.

Waterfront Safety

Someone from the troop must complete this course if you intend to use the waterfront at Camp Butterfly, Camp Cedar Point, Camp Chan Ya Ta or Camp Wassatoga. To get certified, please review the Waterfront Safety Training Workbook and then complete and return the quiz.


Anytime the girls are swimming someone present must be certified. There may be a lifeguard on site at the facility you are going to use or a troop adult can complete the American Red Cross Lifeguard Waterfront module.


Canoeing certification courses are offered at some council properties. A canoe certification is required to take girls out in canoes on still water. Small Craft Safety – Moving Water is offered annually over Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Butterfly. Small Craft Canoe is offered on Saturday and the Moving Water portion is offered on Sunday on the Meramec River. Basic canoe certification is $25; the moving water portion is an additional $40.


Archery certification is required to reserve and use archery equipment with girls. These course are offered following most Camping OUT sessions and at other times. The certification is valid for 3 years.


GPS units are available for use at camp. Prior to using this equipment, this course must be completed.

OWL and FLIGHT School

Outdoor awareness is becoming more important than ever. So we wanted to take the time to host a training day for the most important members of Girl Scouts… you! That is why we have created our Outdoor “Weekend” for Learning (OWL) Flight School.

Girl members looking to attend this training day must be a Cadette, Senior or Ambassador.  For our water based training girls must be 16 years old for the certificate to be valid.  These trainings are designed for Girl Scouts who have taken or will be soon taking their PA, LIA, or CIT I or CIT II.  We are proud to invite our older girls to join in and become part of the OWLete outdoor certified team.

Registration links for the workshops can be found on the Events Calendar. The price for the entire day is up to you and how many workshops you sign up for.

To learn about How to Register for Camp - Click Here for a Double Knot Demo!



Journey Training
CPR Training

First Aid / CPR / AED

A “First-Aider” is a registered adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout approved First-aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for child CPR, as well as AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training. It is recommended that each troop have at least one adult volunteer serve as the “First-Aider” for the troop. Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois (GSofSI) highly recommends a troop have more than one person trained.

GSofSI may ask that you submit a copy of your First-Aider’s current certification card when your troop is participating in an activity that requires a First-Aider be present. GSofSI will require you to submit a copy of your First Aider’s current certification anytime your troop is planning to use one of our camps or when the troop plans to travel. Additional training in Wilderness Remote First Aid may be required if your troop will be in a remote area where EMS is more than 30 minutes away.

There are many organizations that provide First Aid/CPR/AED certifications, but not all are approved providers by Girl Scouts of the USA. Below you will find a list of approved providers. Starting on October 1, 2019, GSofSI will no longer accept certification cards from any organization that is not on the GSUSA approved provider list.

Approved Providers:

  • American Red Cross
  • American Heart Association
  • American Safety and Health Institute
  • Emergency First Responder
  • EMS Safety Service
  • Medic First Aid
  • National Safety Council
  • Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunity

    If you currently have a First Aid/CPR/AED from organization that is not on the list above and took the training prior to October 1, 2019, we will honor it until it becomes expired at which time you must renew from one of the approved providers. If you are taking a certification class for the first time, you must use one of the approved providers.

    GSofSI will not accept any First Aid/CPR/AED certification courses that are done entirely online. GSofSI will accept a blended learning course if it has been completed using one of the approved providers listed above. A blended learning course is made up of an online learning piece that is followed up with a person demonstration.

    Please note that the following healthcare providers can serve as an Advanced First Aiders as long as they submit a copy of their current license as well as a current CPR/AED certification card: Physician, Physician’s Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Paramedic, Military Medic, and EMT.

    GSofSI partners with the American Red Cross and offers classes throughout the year for our volunteers. As classes are scheduled, they will be listed on the Events tab on the GSofSI website. For any additional questions, please refer to Volunteer Essentials, Safety Activity Checkpoints or contact Customer Care.    

Travel Training

Taking your troop on their next big adventure? Make sure to check out our
Traveling with Girl Scouts Trip Training before you go!



Troop Management Training
Traditions and Ceremonies

Check out these fun Girl Scout Skits & Songs!